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    Plots sourcing, Suitable community land will be provided by the group for sites of 5 to 100+ Custom build houses. These will be sourced by the group...
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    We already have a number of sites ready for development with 4 to 30 plots on each site...

    We are always interested in possible land or plots that can be turned ...
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Custom Homes Alliance is a Community Interest Company, designed to assist self builders in the journey to build their own home, whether as an individual plot or as part of a larger group self build. We work closely with professional bodies such as NaSBA and others to ensure we offer the best practices to ensure best delivery of each project. By buying multiple plot sites, each individual plot price is lower, following the most ethical route to calculate land prices.

There are many reasons why a group self build can be an alternative route, but primarily the CHA CIC is there to make the whole process as easy as possible and give good economies of scale to each and every project. As a company we have the right delivery models and systems in place ensuring cost savings and properly delivered projects. We provide the entire infrastructure such as roads, planning and design work needed to get sites moving and fast-track the building of the homes within them. We deliver the complex requirements of each project leaving our clients to deal with the simple choices of what they want for their homes.

As a company we offer assistance at all levels, aiming for 10% to 25% savings for each project, which brings the possibility of a new home to those who could not otherwise afford to have one, and built to a better design and quality.

The CHA has been formed by experienced and knowledgeable members of the self build and custom build industry, supporting the implementation of the government’s drive to double the numbers of custom built houses in the UK by 2020. This will be achieved by sourcing sites with housing potential, enabling us to gain planning permission, and to purchase or lease the sites as a whole, to be subdivided into serviced plots and sold on to custom builders or self finishers. House designs will be provided for the planning phases by our chartered architects who have long specialised in custom building but offer custom homes or bespoke finishes. Building contract work is provided by our experienced team.

Projects range from 3 to 50+ units, anywhere in the Southern parts of England and Wales.

Check our Managed Services page that outlines what we offer from full group self build to project management for the individual self builder. We can also offer advice, courses, meetings and events with other self builders through our own events or our partner BADSBA (Build a Dream Self Build Association) at locations throughout Southern England and Wales.

We have a number of projects ready for development in the near future so keep an eye on the News section as we update it.